Where to Stay on the Bighorn River

Montana’s Bighorn River, renowned for its world-class fly fishing, attracts over a million fishing enthusiasts each year to access a waterway teeming with life amidst one of the most picturesque backdrops in the country. Because of its popularity, there are numerous lodging options available. While you might be tempted to book accommodations with one of the big resorts, you could be sacrificing the opportunity to enjoy a superior fishing experience like the one offered at the Bighorn River Lodge.

1. Location, Location, Location

Nestled on the upper reaches of the Bighorn River, the Bighorn River Lodge offers the allure of being in a prime location that is easy to access but feels remote. Unlike larger resorts, where the view is often a distant landscape, the lodge brings the river to your doorstep. You won’t need to transfer by shuttle each day to reach your fishing destination. At Bighorn River Lodge, our guests simply need to walk to the boat slip. In addition to the convenience of access to the river, the scenic backdrop is simply part of the unforgettable experience. 

Bighorn River Lodge Location

2. On-site Local Management

Unfortunately, the staff and management of bigger resorts tend to be more generic and impersonal. After all, they are dealing with hundreds of guests each week, so they don’t have the time to connect or give you a deeply personal experience. At Bighorn River Lodge, our onsite management team and staff are locals with a deep connection and understanding of the region. Our knowledgeable staff goes beyond the basics of providing the usual tourist information but strives to make your stay as authentic and memorable as possible.

3. Accommodations

At Bighorn River Lodge, our rooms are designed to offer cozy and unique accommodations, each with its own personality, to transport guests to the heart of historic Montana. We also offer a handful of different lodging options to accommodate each guest’s needs, like the Caddis Cabin which is perfect for larger families. With larger resorts, guests have fewer options, and most rooms mirror typical hotel standards of sterile rooms with no character or charm.

4. Dining and Cuisine

Dining is an integral part of the experience at Bighorn River Lodge. Our team of culinary experts works diligently to provide our guests with an elevated dining experience using the freshest, local ingredients. You’ll enjoy our comfortable, family-style dining room without the hustle and bustle of a resort restaurant. While other resorts often have a variety of dining options, we have the flexibility to accommodate special requests and dietary restrictions (like cooking the fish you caught during the day) instead of forcing you to select food from a boring, rigid menu.

5. Fishing Experiences and Fly Fishing Education

Large resorts cater to a wide range of guests. For this reason, they often offer many different activities and excursions. Fishing is just another activity on their list. For us, the fly fishing experience will be the centerpiece of your stay. Not only do we provide expert guides who can take you to the most abundant parts of the river, but we’ll take the time to make sure you have the skills needed to have a productive fishing experience through one of our fly fishing instructors. This makes Bighorn River Lodge the perfect place whether you are a seasoned angler or fly fishing novice.

6. Intimate Experience

Another major factor that sets Bighorn River Lodge apart from the big resorts is the intimate experience. Instead of being herded like cattle, you’ll have the opportunity to build connections with other guests. Here, you’ll be able to forge relationships around our communal, lodge dining table or at the riverside campfire under the vast Montana sky.

Getting the Most Out of Your Montana Fishing Adventure

When planning your upcoming Montana fishing trip, where you stay can have a huge impact on the overall experience. You want a trip that you are going to remember for years to come. With authentic ambiance, personalized service, and superior cuisine, it’s no wonder why 80% of our guests come back again and again. If you want a memorable fishing experience, you don’t want to stay at a forgettable, impersonal big resort. Let the team at Bighorn River Lodge treat you to the immersive, rustic, and luxurious fly fishing experience that you deserve.