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Montana is a state of mind. It is the crown jewel of the Great American West. Big, brash, and beautiful. Above you, cobalt blue skies send radiant reflections into the Bighorn River as you cast your line always mere moments away from the strike of a lifetime. At night, 5-trillion stars above make perfect dinner companions as you enjoy the area’s finest culinary creations. And you’ll sleep in the replenishing mountain air as it prepares you for the next day’s adventures.

A variety of side trip options are available in close proximity to the Bighorn River Lodge offering an opportunity to revisit the history of the Old West punctuated with names like Lewis and Clark. General George Custer and Sitting Bull. Just a thirty-minute drive to the east is the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Park, a must see for those interested in the history of the west. Just another hour to the south is the icon western town of Sheridan, Wyoming, home to the Brinton Museum and its world class collection of the best in Western art. Not to be missed in Sheridan is the King’s Rope Museum and its collection of the finest handmade leather saddles and Western memorabilia. For a side trip of a lifetime take a day and spend it on the Bighorn Lake with its towering five-hundred-foot limestone cliffs winding its way though canyons carved out over millions of years of erosion from the Bighorn River.

Old west map where bighorn river lodge is located

Your epic day of fishing the Bighorn River will conclude at the Lodge’s private boat ramp where our attentive staff awaits your arrival. The Bighorn River Lodge is the only lodge situated directly on the bank of the upper Bighorn River, so jump out of your waders and into the inviting atmosphere of a resort that reflects the rustic elegance and hospitality of the Big Sky Country.

Representation of historic Montana view

The Bighorn River Lodge is crafted in the log-style construction that is representative of historic Montana. The Lodge comprises of five different bedrooms each with its own unique personality and décor. Guests enjoy luxurious double occupancy rooms that have been updated and renovated for your comfort. Each room features a pair of soft, warm beds adorned with fine linens, a private bathroom and plush accommodations. King size beds are available for couples on request. With the addition of the Caddis Cabin, we can easily accommodate groups up to fourteen.

At-home feeling when staying at the bighorn river lodge
Restaurant of Bighorn River Lodge

A warm and inviting hearth room is where most guests congregate to swap stories of the big one that didn’t get away. Enjoy a crackling fire in the fireplace and delicious hors d’oeuvres. Step out onto our spacious deck and take in one of Montana’s breathtaking sunsets while the finishing touches are made on dinner.

The Bighorn River Lodge has been described by our guests as “a gourmet restaurant disguised as a fishing lodge.” Guests can expect hearty Montana-style breakfasts, delicious handmade boat lunches, and savory home cooked dinners that are beyond compare. It is truly exquisite cuisine, prepared from scratch every day.

Wild animals that completes your nature experience
Experience the sunset that resets your mind and soul

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