Unsurpassed. Camaraderie

We believe in shared experiences. And mealtime at our Bighorn River Lodge community table is the perfect setting to recount the day’s events, sharing stories of the ones that got away—or far more likely, the ones that didn’t.

One of the highlights of each day comes at dinnertime when all the guests gather around the long dining table to enjoy the evening meal and engage in spirited discussions and stories of the day. The beautiful dining table able to accommodate sixteen guests comes from one massive Black Oak slab harvested from and built on the owner’s property in Kansas. The exquisite table as well as all of the other tables in the great room come from the same source and were beautifully and artistically crafted by the owner’s son Cody Rolph.

Sharing great food has always been a way to connect with people. It is the spice that enhances camaraderie. We are fortunate at the Lodge to have an open gallery kitchen where guests can watch the evening meal being prepared and interact with the Chef and staff. Dinning together at our long lodge table is a perfect time to share your stories with new acquaintances and create new friendships. Your enjoyment is our top priority.

Get together and build camaraderie in every dining experience at BRL
In BRL, good foods are paired with quality time
Welcoming Host family
BRL prepares the best foods after your moments in the river lodge

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