Ultimate Fly Fishing Destination is the Bighorn River in Montana

Each year, over a million people travel to Montana to enjoy some of the best fishing destinations in the country. There are lots of great fishing lodges across the state, but few can rival the breathtaking views, luxury accommodations, and fine-dining experiences of Bighorn River Lodge. If you are looking for a fishing lodge in Montana for your next trip, here are 3 reasons why people keep coming back to Bighorn River Lodge each fishing season.

1. Top Fishing Destination with Fly Fishing Classes

The Bighorn River offers some of the best fly fishing opportunities in Montana. Located about 12 miles from the Yellowtail Dam, Bighorn River Lodge is in the heart of an abundant tailwater fishery that supports thousands of prize fish species per mile including large Brown and Rainbow Trout. Bighorn River Lodge has direct access to the river making it one of the best fishing lodges in Montana.

Each day, our guests will embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure with our team of skilled and experienced guides. Those who are new to fly fishing can join one of our fly fishing classes to learn the skills they need to have a successful trip on the river.

While most of our guests come for the fishing, we have a wide range of other outdoor activities including hiking, bird watching, wildlife photography, jet boat tours, and skeet shooting. In the evening, guests can enjoy relaxing by the riverside fire pit and taking in views of the sunning starlit sky overhead.

2. Luxury Accommodations for Couples or Larger Groups

The Bighorn River Lodge provides guests with comfortable and well-equipped lodging options on the property. The main lodge, built in log-style construction that is prominent in historic Montana, features five double-occupancy bedrooms, each with their own personality and decor.

Guests who want a more private setting or more space for a family or small group can stay in the Caddis Cabin across the bass pond from the main lodge. This three bedroom, three bath cabin can accommodate up to six guests and is equipped with a full kitchen, dining area, and laundry. Of course, guests at Caddis Cabin are welcome to join other guests in the main lodge for activities and meals.

In total, the Bighorn River Lodge can accommodate up to 16 people making it the perfect place for small groups and families. Some of our guests have created a regular tradition by returning every fishing season with their family to make memories and relax at Bighorn River Lodge.

3. Gourmet Dining Experience

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, our team of talented kitchen staff directed by Chef Spencer Newton will provide a high-quality, gourmet dining experience while staying at Bighorn River Lodge. All meals and snacks are made from scratch including fresh baked breads to homemade ice cream. We purchase all of our ingredients from the best local and regional sources including freshly caught fish and local game. Some vegetables and herbs even come from our on-property greenhouse and garden.

While fishing is the focus, dining in our lodge will be the highlight of your stay. Start your day with a hearty, Montana-style breakfast. Even when you are out on the water, our guides will find a quiet spot along the banks of the river to enjoy some of the best boat lunches around. After a long day of fishing, guests can gather around the lodge’s large 16-seat dining table crafted from a massive slab of Black Oak. The evening will be filled with stories about your day shared with family or other guests as you enjoy a four-course meal.

Planning the Perfect Montana Fishing Adventure

Whether you are a first time guest or have stayed with us a dozen times, the team at Bighorn River Lodge is dedicated to making your stay wonderful. We strive to be one of the best fishing lodges in Montana. Our staff is here to help you get the most out of your trip from helping you locate the right fishing gear to advice on the best fishing spots. Contact us today to schedule your trip.