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Each year, over a million people flock to Bighorn River in Montana to experience world-renown fly fishing, take in stunning landscapes, and enjoy nature without the distractions of modern life. For couples, this creates the perfect backdrop to relax and reconnect with one another under Montana’s Big Sky. Nestled along the Bighorn River, couples can wake up every morning to the sights and sounds of nature, without sacrificing luxurious accommodations and fine dining.

1. Romantic Accommodations

While Bighorn River Lodge is designed for a community feel, couples can enjoy the seclusion in one of our five suites equipped with a king-size bed covered in plush linens and a private bathroom. Each room is uniquely designed to transport couples to the heart of historic Montana providing a cozy and intimate experience. 

The lodge’s intimate setting provides ample opportunities for couples to steal quiet moments away from the crowd. A leisurely stroll along the riverbanks or a private dinner on the deck becomes an opportunity for romance, with the sounds of nature in the background.

2. Intimate Fine Dining

At Bighorn River Lodge, dining is an art. Our team of culinary experts aims to provide restaurant-quality fine dining through the finest local ingredients. From hearty Montana-style breakfasts to gourmet dinners by the hearth to amazing lunches out on the river, you’ll enjoy every last bite. As they say, the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach. For couples, our team has the flexibility to provide personalized dining experiences whether you are looking for amazing food and exquisite flavors or just want a quiet place to enjoy a meal together.

3. Connect Through Fun, Memorable Activities

Fishing is the centerpiece of the experience at Bighorn River Lodge. If you’re new to fishing, our fly fishing school is the perfect opportunity for couples to learn a new hobby together while bonding. Out on the river, you’ll never forget the excitement in the moment of reeling in that prize catch together.

When you’re not on the river, couples can enjoy a variety of other activities such as stargazing on the spacious deck under Montana’s vast sky, snuggling by a warm fire, or challenging each other to a friendly game of cards in the lounge. The lodge’s porch, with the gentle river as a backdrop, offers an ideal setting for couples to unwind, immersed in each other’s company. By the fireplace, couples can enjoy quiet evenings with a glass of wine, creating a romantic ambiance.

While spending time alone is a great opportunity to connect with your partner, the lodge’s communal atmosphere offers other couples to gather and share their experiences from the day. 

Our central dining table allows couples to turn new acquaintances into friends.

Memorable Activities In Fly Fishing Together

4. Personalized Romantic Experiences

Each of our guests must have a unique and memorable experience. For couples, our goal is to make sure you have a fun, exciting, memorable, and romantic experience. Unlike big resorts in the area, our team of locals has a deep connection and understanding of the region which enables us to curate personalized experiences just for couples. Whether it’s arranging a special dinner in a secluded spot or suggesting the best places to explore as a duo, the staff ensures that every detail contributes to a romantic and unforgettable escape.

Reconnect Under Montana’s Big Sky

With its blend of rustic elegance and personalized service, Bighorn River Lodge is more than a fishing lodge. It’s a quiet and secluded sanctuary for couples to build and grow lasting romantic memories. From shared moments by the fireplace to starlit strolls along the river, the lodge sets the stage for couples to connect amidst the captivating beauty of the Bighorn River. Don’t settle for ordinary during your upcoming fishing trip; create a romantic getaway that you will both remember for years to come.