Fly Fishing Guide Near You

Prepare yourself and ready your gear because here at Bighorn River Lodge, you can experience your best fly fishing experience. It’s time for you to stop watching the fly fishing moments of other people on social media because you are about to start your own now. Do you think you don’t know how to go fishing yet? Well, we got you covered. 

You’ve just got the best fly fishing guides near you who are at best in teaching you the hows and ways to catch that big one. 

But guides are not complete without the teaching session, of course! Bighorn River Lodge also offers fly fishing classes. This school-type instruction will be one-to-one way to prepare you for your first time fishing. You will never be alone in this learning phase of fly fishing. 

Bighorn River Lodge Fly Fishing

There is no better combination of fly fishing and beautiful river views than the experience with Bighorn River Lodge. The size of the river has endless possibilities for you to catch big trout all day. Montana’s Bighorn River Lodge is considered legendary when it comes to fly fishing, accounting for its majestic landscapes that simply complemented the stress-relieving effect of fishing activity. 

But hang tight, it is not just the best fly fishing classes near you that await in Bighorn River Lodge, there are way more reasons and things that will amaze you in the river. 

  • Tons of Big Trout – A mind-blowing 3,000+ brown and rainbow trout that are sized up to 20 inches are waiting for you. Yes, there are many fish in these waters and they are in satisfying sizes, nothing will disappoint your experience. 

  • 26-Miles of River – Our guests are often surprised not only by the size of the trout but also by the river itself. The stunning 26-mile river is your playground for a fly fishing adventure, added to clear and cool tailwater. 

Fly Fishing Guides Near You

With confidence based on the sentiments of our previous visitors, if you’re in search of the best fly fishing guides near you, then the Bighorn River Lodge will be the answer. For most beginners, our guides are the experts they have been to make the perfect fly fishing vacation.

Our fly fishing guides are willing to take you to a different level of mastery in fishing. They will guide you in preparing your gear before going to the river with the best practices and knowledge about it. Also, our experienced guides are ready to teach you about reading rivers which you can use to keep yourself safe while fly fishing. 

In total, choosing the experts in Bighorn River Lodge from the fly fishing guides near you will guarantee learning that is non-intimidating, relaxing, and inviting in all aspects. You will understand fly fishing without removing the fun in your stay at our lodge. 

Fly Fishing Classes Near You

Learning the art of fly fishing at the Bighorn River Lodge is not merely an aimless venture along the riverbank. We offer comprehensive fly fishing classes to guide you through the process. Whether you are a novice looking to embark on your fly fishing journey or a seasoned pro aiming to refine your skills, our top-notch fly fishing classes are readily available. These classes are thoughtfully designed to accommodate beginners seeking a foundation in fly fishing techniques and experts aspiring to master the finer nuances of this captivating sport.

We will start the day in our private fishing ponds where you will receive personalized instructions which you will apply in the afternoon. Surely, your afternoon will be really exciting as you will now be in the Bighorn River with your guide. This is a three-day course that you will enjoy, the following are the inclusions:

  • Equipment Overview 

  • Basic Insects

  • Fly Selection 

  • Casting Technique 

  • Reading the Water 

  • Fly Presentation 

  • line management 

  • Knot Tying

Let’s Go Fly Fishing

The river is waiting for you, so don’t delay, and let’s go fishing today!

We are excited to go fishing with you, remember that joining our fly fishing school will give you access to our fly fishing tool kit, 3 amazing days of guided fishing, with free meals and lodging.

Many have already built extraordinary memories in fly fishing at Bighorn River Lodge and we still have tons of trout waiting for yours to be made. Book your stay and classes with us today!